Pilots From Oman

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The flag carrier from the Sultanate of Oman, is growing!

FLYBYSCHOOL has designed a special program tailored to meet their requirements. The course will be 15 months, following the same timeline as the Integrated ATPL Program but adding one additional month of training. More about the Integrated ATPL Program.

The Oman Program has a one month extension for students to have time to retrieve an extra 20 hours of fly time on an SE-VFR in order to comply with their requirements.

Min requirements are to have 200 Total Hours and 100 PIC hours (Pilot In Command).

With our training you will not only complete 100 PIC hours but a total of 258 hours including a Multi Crew Cooperation course.With our training you will gain the EASA Commercial Piloto License (CPL) coupled with Instrument Rating (IR) and Multi Engine (ME). Additionally you will gain your Airline Transport Pilot License Theory (ATPL theory) and Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC).


Be at least 17 years of age to apply (18 to commence training).
Be able to obtain an EASA Class 1 medical without restrictions. To be taken upon arrival to Spain.
Mandatory: Passing our admission tests which include Personality, English, Mathematics and Physics.

Suggested: Completed secondary or high school education.

Admission tests which will be taken online from home:

  • Aptitude test: Symbiotic ADAPT test

The system features 64 proven aviation specific psychological profiles mapped to 64 specific aviation training organization profiles that integrate for fitting individuals to roles, taking nationality and culture into account. According to the company, ADAPT Online Pilot Selection can be used by aviation organizations anywhere in the world with a wide range of contextual settings for different cultures, languages, specific air domains or environmental situations. Test styles are nondiscriminatory to gender, ethnicity, age or learning backgrounds.

  • English for non-native speakers equivalent to ICAO 4 or IELTS 5.5.
  • Mathematics & Physics Time controlled tests are compliant with IATA standards.

Cost & Inclusions

Graduates of FLYBYSCHOOL are issued with the EASA Frozen Air Transport Pilots License (Airplane).
The price of the course is €70,750

Our prices are inclusive of VAT, all training, landing fees, accommodations, shuttle between dormitories and airport, iPad, etc. Price does not include meals.

FLYBYSCHOOL can now offer a full package like our standard EASA training including meals for €74,500.

Students that do not want to include accommodation and shuttle, the total price will be €65,500, and students that only want to include shuttle (but not accommodation and meals) will leave the cost at €67,750

Payment schedule:

  • To start application process and take admission tests online: €1,000
  • To receive Letter of Acceptance required for the Visa Application Process: €16,500
  • 15 monthly installments from start of training
    • With accommodation and shuttle but without meals: €3,550
    • All inclusive (halal meals): €3,800
    • Without accommodation, meals and shuttle: €3,200
    • No accommodation or meals but shuttle included: €3,350

Items included in our all-inclusive tariff:

  • Accommodation for 15 months on a single bedroom in a 3 bedroom apartment at University dormitories. Address:

Residencia Emilio Hurtado
Av Emilio Hurtado, S/N
24007 León, Spain
+34 987 22 88 56

  • Shuttle service between dormitories and airfield for 13 months (no flying during first 2 months). Dormitories are walking distance from University.
  • Study material from Bristol Ground School or similar (12 month subscription).
  • iPad
  • Official ATPL exams in Leon! (1 try per subject).
  • Flight skill tests (2 tests total).
  • Headsets (1 set).
  • Initial Class 1 Medical.
  • Aeronautical Charts
    • Access to AIP charts from AENA
    • AENA 1:500.000 from León
    • Ministry of Defense 1:1.000.000 East and West
    • Ministry of Defense 1:2.000.000 IFR España
  • Flight Manual
  • Computer CR3
  • Log Book
  • Maneuvers Manual
  • Uniform
    • 2 trousers
    • 3 shirts
    • 2 ties
    • 1 jersey
  • Basic Health Insurance required for the Spanish ID for foreigners (15 months) from start of training in Leon.  Only for non-EU nationals.

iPad must be returned upon completion of the training. If the material is damaged, the student will be charged with the cost of replacement plus 15% for admin costs.