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Be prepared to pay our application fee via Paypal or wire transfer after submitting the application.
You will also need a scanned copy of your passport/identity document

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If you have any questions contact Pedro by email at or phone/ Whatsapp to +34 608 300 450 


The admission process is made up of several phases and you will be receiving email for each one with instructions on exactly how to proceed. Please make sure to read and follow the instructions on each and every email or come back to this application page for information on the process.

If you are from a European Union (EU) country, you must submit your application and pay your initial application deposit 30 days before your intended start date, and you must pay your initial tuition deposit 20 days before the intended start date.  If you are from a non-EU country you must apply and submit your application deposit 60 days before the intended start date, and you must pay your initial tuition deposit 30 days before the intended start date.


  • Step #1: Scan A Copy Of Your Identity Document.  Scan a high quality copy of your passport or national identity document (for those living in Spain).  It needs to be in color and the file size should be less than 100 Megabytes.

  • Step #2: Fill Out Our Application Form. This will be filled out online, and you will be prompted to upload a copy of your identity document (see step #1).  There is an application deposit fee of €1,000* that will need to pay that will count towards your total tuition costs. €700 of €1,000* the payment will be refunded if you do not pass the personality test. If you fail the math or physics exam or your English exam, you will attain required level of skill before the start of the training. You can pay the application deposit by either Paypal or wire transfer.  If you plan to pay by Paypal, you will be transferred to Paypal at the end of the application form for payment before the submission of the document is completed. Click here to fill out the application if you wish to pay via Paypal.  If you are planning on wiring us the money, then you will be sent an emails with wiring instructions and an invoice for the amount of the application deposit which you will need scan like you did with the identity document (see step #1) to upload to a form whose link is included in the emails you will receive.   Click here to fill out the application if you paid by wire transfer.  You can find our bank wire information by pressing the blue button further below.

    *For students who already hold a class one medical, the initial deposit is only €600, of which 300 is refundable. 

  • Step #3 Application Submission. Once you complete your application form and have submitted it, you will be taken to a confirmation screen and you should receive a confirmation email.  If you fail to receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes of submission, check your spam or Promotions folder.  As a precaution to prevent our emails going into spam, whitelist emails from by clicking here and following the instructions.  If you still do not receive a confirmation email or there is some other problem in submitting the application contact Pedro by email at or phone/ Whatsapp to +34 608 300 450.  

As noted in Step #2, people who pay by Wire transfer will receive an invoice and instructions on how to upload a wire transfer confirmation.  You can click the button below for wire transfer instructions.  The payment and confirmation of that wire payment must be completed before your application can proceed further.

*For students who already hold a class one medical, the initial deposit is only €600, of which 300 is refundable. 

  • Step #4: Application Acknowledgement And Pre-Training Exams. Once our staff has reviewed your application to make sure we have received everything we need, you will receive an email informing you of such within the next 48 hours.  You will then receive an email with a link to an online exam service and a unique testing code.  Please do not share the code with anyone as it can only be used once.  You will go to the link and use the code to access the exam which will present you with a personality test in addition to a test assessing your English, math and physics skills.

  • Step #5: Inform Us You Completed the Exam. Once you have finished your exam, return to the email that you received with the exam link and code.  In that email will be a link to inform us that you have completed your exam.  Click on this once you have finished to inform us of such.  Please do not click on the link prior to completing the exam.  If you have trouble finding the email, then click on the following button and enter the email address that you used on your application.
  • Step #6: Test Results Sent To You And Refund or Additional Coursework If Required. Someone from our staff will send you the test results to the email that you used in your application.  If you failed the personality test, then your application to our flight school will be denied.  Sorry, there are no exceptions.  If you paid the full fee of €1,000* then you will receive a refund of €700.  If you pass the personality test but fail any of the other tests, you will need to do some coursework prior to being admitted to our flight school.  If you fail the English test, then you will typically have to take an English preparation course from home prior to starting the training.  If you fail the math or physics courses, we will send you links to online courses for you to complete as appropriate.

  • Step #7: Select Contract Option.  In the email sent to you in step #6, you will be given four options for your studies as to whether you want shuttle service, accommodations, and/or meals included in the program along with what the monthly fee for each is.  When you have decided on an option, click on one of the four links in the email to inform us of your choice.  Please only click these links once after you have made your final decision.

  • Step #8: Make Payment.  In the email referenced in step #6 you will be given payment instructions as well as a link to a contract to sign (see step #10).  Wire the first required payment as instructed and scan a copy of the payment confirmation as outlined in steps #2 and #3.  An invoice will be included in this email that you might find necessary to take to your bank to execute the transfer.
  • Step #9: Sign Contract.  Print a copy of the contract given to you in the email referenced in step #6, fill it out and sign it.  Then scan a copy the wire transformation as you did the identity document in step #1.

  • Step #10: Upload Contract and Payment Confirmation. In the email referenced in step #6 you will also be given a link to a page where you will upload both the payment confirmation from step #10 and the scanned copy of the contract from step #9.  Submit this form to us using the link included in the email.

  • Step #11: Congratulations!  Once you get to this step you will receive an official letter of acceptance and you can then prepare to begin your studies at FlyBy on route to a career in commercial aviation.

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