To start the admsission process with FLYSCHOOL you need to follow this process.

  1. Send email to Alex Alvarez with the following information: copy of your passport, admission form (you can find it here) and payment confirmation of the initial payment (€1,000 for standard students or €300 for students applying for funding scheme). You can find here our bank account details.
  1. Take admission tests. Within 24 hours you will receive the license code and link to take our admission tests online. Tests include personality, English, maths and physics. In the event of not passing personality, no training could be offered (students that did not apply for funding will receive refund of €700). More information about our admission tests can be found here.
  1. Sign contract. Students requiring a Student Visa will be required to make the next payment of €15,000 to received the Letter of Acceptance and contract signed to apply for the visa. EU citizens will make this payment one month before start of training.
  1. Start Training. Typically, students will arrive to Madrid for their Class 1 medical a couple of days before the start of training for their Class 1 medical. They need to arrive to the medical center CIMA located here, no later than 8:00 am with the copy of your appointment and proof of payment submitted by FLYBYSCHOOL to you. You must take the tests on an empty stomach (12 hours) with clean hair and they will take urine and blood samples for drugs and alcohol. Medical will usually be completed around 1:30 pm and you may proceed to Leon on that same day (high speed train tickets can be bought at Renfe Make sure you buy the high speed train for shorter comute).